Academy of Arcana
Academy of Arcana

428-A Front Street
Santa Cruz, California 95060
(831) 291-4009

Museum, Library and Gift Shop Open
Wedneday - Sunday
Noon - 6PM
10-50% Off Selected Merchandine

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Omnia Vivunt, Omnia Inter Se Conexa
("Everything is alive; everything is interconnected")

Do you still mourn the loss of the great Library and Museum of Alexandria? Do you wonder what they taught in the ancient Mystery Schools? Have you suspected that the Answer to the Mysteries of Life, the Universe, and Everything is out there; but you just haven't found the right question?

Conveniently located in beautiful downtown Santa Cruz, California, the Academy of Arcana brings it all together in one place. The Academy houses Morning Glory & Oberon Zell's enormous library of myth, magick, science, history, sci-fi, fantasy and lore; and their vast museum collection of more than 360 Goddess figurines, magickal tools and artifacts, Books of Shadows, devotional items, altar setups, theatrical costumes and regalia, seasonal decorations, etc.


The largest area of the Academy is "The Goddess Curiosa" a non-denominational Goddess Temple and meeting/workshop/class space, exhibiting Morning Glory Zell's collection of over 360 Goddess votive figurines from around the world and throughout history. Other cabinets and cases contain our large collections of magickal tools, hand-written Books of Shadows, devotional items, altar setups, posters, crafts supplies, and books on myth, magick, and Mysterie. Comfortable chairs and cushions are in abundance. The Temple space is also available as a venue for other groups to rent for meetings and gatherings.


Another area of interest at the Academy is "The Illuminarium," the main reading and research Library providing exclusive access for Academy members only, consisting of thousands of books, Pagan publications and archives, and over 1,000 movie DVDs and music CDs. A large 46' TV screen is available for movie nights.


The reading Library also includes a "Museum of Mysterie" for the other collections: arcane artifacts, dragons and dinosaurs, skulls and skeletons, fossils, natural history, mythical/legendary creatures, theatrical costumes and magickal regalia, seasonal decorations, prehistoric animal models, science fiction models, toys and action figures (especially Star Trek, Star Wars, Jules Verne, da Vinci, movies, etc.).


And in front we have a little museum gift store ("Curiosities") offering magickal books, figurines, jewelry, and crafts made by various artists, authors, and musicians who will be available for house concerts, book-signings and "meet the artist" events. We'll also have quite a selection of curios and curiosities for sale from the Oberon and Morning Glory Zell collections. We have a craft table in the window where some of our crafters work in view of passers-by.

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