Academy of Arcana

Membership Application

This record is confidential among Academy of Arcana Staff.

The Academy is a phenomenal resource and legacy for seekers, adepts, scholars, historians, and the magically curious. Corporate sponsorships are available, and will be suitably recognized. We are offering Museum/Library memberships (w. ID card) in the following categories:

Membership category: Annual Dues Benefits
Grey School Student
(active; tuition paid-up)
Free - No registration is necessary
Your Grey School Student ID
serves as your Academy member card
Free admission to the museum and library
10% discounts on events
Monthly newsletter
Friend of the Academy $40 Annually Membership Card
One year free admission to the museum and library
10% discount on events
Monthly newsletter
Scholar $100 Annually Same benefits as charter, plus:
Access to the private papers and archives;
Some check out priviledges;
Academy T-Shirt (to be designed by OZ)
Sponsor $500 Lifetime Same Benefits as Scholar, plus:
Lifetime free admission to the museum,
library and archives
Corporate Sponsor $1000 Annual Same as Scholar, plus:
Free admission to the museum, library and archives
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