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Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart

Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart from Zack Darling on Vimeo.

A member of the Grey Council, Morning Glory is a Witch, Priestess, and Goddess historian. Born Diane Moore in Long Beach, California, an only child of Irish and Choctaw Indian ancestry, she read Sybil Leek's Diary of a Witch in 1967 and recognized the connection of Witchcraft to her own life and roots. She undertook her first vision quest and self-initiation in 1968 at Big Sur in California. She subsequently moved to Oregon and tried to start a Wiccan coven with her first husband; her daughter Rainbow was born in 1969 on a commune outside Eugene.

Morning Glory met her soulmate, Oberon, in September 1973 at the 3rd Annual Gnostic Aquarian Festival in Minneapolis. They were married April 14, 1974, in a spectacular public Pagan “handfasting” ceremony. She moved to St Louis with Oberon and studied Wicca, eclectic shamanism, and Goddess history, helped to produce and edit Green Egg magazine, and was ordained as a Priestess in the Church of All Worlds in 1974.

In 1977, the Zells moved into a Hippie homesteading community in Northern California, where they lived for eight years, raising living Unicorns. Morning Glory founded the Ecosophical Research Association in 1977 and co-created the Holy Order of Mother Earth as a vessel for sacred land management and magickal education.

Morning Glory has created ceremonies of every kind and scale, from simple baby blessings and rites of passage, to spectacular events such as the total solar eclipse at the Stonehenge replica in the Oregon Dalles in 1979, attended by 4,000 people. In 1990 she researched and co-scripted what has become an annual modern revival of the Greek Eleusinian Mysteries. She conducted a recreation of the Panathenaia Celebration to consecrate the Athena statue completed for the Parthenon replica in Nashville, Tennessee in 1993. Her journeys have taken her to the Australian Blue Mountains, the depths of the Coral Sea, the jungles of New Guinea, the ruins of ancient Greece, the caves of Crete, and the Taoist Goddess Temples of China.

Morning Glory has assembled an ever-growing Goddess collection of 300 votive figurines from around the world and throughout history. Portions of the collection are used in her workshops. Out of this work she created Mythic Images, producing museum quality replicas of ancient Goddesses and Gods sculpted in partnership with Oberon.

Morning Glory is a published poet, songwriter and author, with short stories included in Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Sword and Sorceress anthologies; and she was an acknowledged consultant for MZB’s The Mists of Avalon. With Oberon, she co-authored Creating Circles and Ceremonies (2006) and The Wizard and the Witch: Seven Decades of Counterculture, Magick & Paganism (with Oberon and John Sulak) (2010). She was also Headmistress of the Grey School of Wizardry.

In 2006, she was diagnosed with multiple myeloma (bone and blood cancer) and passed away on May 13, 2014